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Take a look at our price list below for specialised services including personal training and sports massage. To book any of these services, simply click the price and get in contact with us today.

Head Coach PT

Olly, our Head Coach, is level 2 qualified in CrossFit. He is one of the main faces behind CrossFit FFH, his dream of opening his own gym is now a reality. With over 10 years experience he will be able to guide you through your competition preparation, improve technique and help with all other aspects of CrossFit training. 


Our massage service is highly recommended for a thorough treatment to ease aches and pains. We can adjust the firmness to your liking for the ultimate stress relief.


Our masseuse is level 3 qualified in sports massage. Get in contact with us to book an appointment.

*£30 for Unlimited members.

Coach PT


Our Coaches Katie, Simon, Dan and Ry , offer 1-2-1 Person Training sessions to train you within all aspects of CrossFit to competition standards, for the beginner or elite athlete.

*£35 for Unlimited members


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