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What does ‘CrossFit’ really mean?!?

Sometimes people hear the word CrossFit and either don’t know what it is, or feel that it is for super fit people, or think I can’t possibly do that. It may even seem a bit scary. From the moment you walk in to FFH reception and meet one of our awesome team or join in on your first class, you will see that it is actually super fun and achieve things you didn’t think you could. Plus meet some awesome people.

Our classes can be and are adapted to the person, sometimes the goals are different but everyone looking to improve their fitness. Two people with different fitness goals would attend the same class, but there movements would be different. Person A may do body weight air squats, Person B may do stand up and sit down from a ply box. Targeting the same areas and using the ‘functional fitness’ training methodology which is what CrossFit is.

There no magic pill or drink that will make you fit, it takes healthy food choices, hard work and consistency, but why not have some fun while doing it 🤩

  • Do you go to the gym and not know what to do?

  • Do you find it boring training on your own?

  • Do you currently go to classes and the coach shows you the movements once then says ‘off you go’?

  • Have you had a fitness goal or personal best you just can’t seem to reach?

Each one of our classes is coached, from start to finish.

Our classes are filled with young to older people from all walks of life.

Every movement is explained and demonstrated.

There is a programmed workout everyday, which will take you a step further towards reach your goal. You pay a premium to receive the best ‘coaching’ and end results (strength, weight loss, overall improved fitness).

Not one with out the other.

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Enjoy your weekend


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