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Teething Problems!

Hey Guys,

So after a few teething problems on WodBoard you can now book our free class.

Thank you for your patience and feedback while trying to sort this issue.

I have fed back our issues to WodBoard and will continue to work with them to streamline your booking and training application.

If you haven't been booked in to the class already, you can purchase for free, a Free Class Pass in the WodBoard app.

This is found by clicking the three lines in the bottom right of the app, then choosing Memberships, then clicking the '+' option in the top right of the screen. You may then purchase the pass which can be used to book the class.

Once pass has been purchased, click the timetable tab at the bottom of the app, find the free class, and click book. It'll then ask whether you want to choose card or the pass, choose the pass and you good to go!

If friends or family would like to join the class, more communication will be released soon on how they can do this. On social media, website and on WodBoard.

Hope this all makes sense. If you need any help with booking or WodBoard in general, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again 😀

Simon x

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