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T-Shirts Now Available

Morning Guys,

So we are excited to announce that our first Fortior Fit T-Shirt is available in our shop. We have called it the 'Original'.

Olly has been sporting it for a few sessions now, but we held off releasing it before we tested it in a few workouts, to make sure it was comfortable and tough.

One thing I am extremely proud of about this T-Shirt release is it was made from scratch. The Fortior Team designed it from start to finish. We choose the blend of material we wanted and the Tees were stitched from that material. We didn't buy a load of 'fruit of the loom' Tees and print our logo on them. As you will see, the make of T-Shirt is Fortior Fit...

It is now available in our shop. Go grab one!

Make sure you read the description and view the size chart in the images to ensure you get a tight or loose fit.

Thank you again for your support.


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