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July is Here!

Hi Guys,

Hope you and your family are well.

So we find ourselves in July and i wanted to share some key milestones that Fortior Fit has achieved and share some of the things to come in July.

As you all know we have been releasing Fortior merch on our shop and the uptake has been fantastic. Thank you if you have bought some of our merch and supported our drive to provide you guys with quality fitness and help us on our path to open a box. Our latest release saw the original performance socks. Certain styles are now sold out, which is great. One thing we overlooked was the size of the socks. Rest assured smaller sizes (women's) are on the way. I will keep you posted.

A major achievement for us was the release of our outdoor classes. The weather could have been better, but each class was fully booked and if you were one of the people that smashed the workout in the pouring rain, you are amazing! It was truly remarkable and motivational to know you all came to train despite the showers. Olly was still able to host the online class too. Both platforms worked well and we have had good feedback from you guys. Our biggest fear was that we may have had some technical difficulties, but Olly took it in his stride as usual, offering some brilliant fitness. As lock-down eases, we plan to increase the size of the classes to allow more people to join and increase the equipment. Again we will keep you posted.

We continue to look for our 'Fortress' and you will be the first to know when we find somewhere.

My next post will be around further milestones and the introduction of our Fortior Podcast.

Take Care, thanks for reading

Simon x

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