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Is CrossFit for me?!?


I hope everyone is well and having a good week.

I wanted to follow on from my last post 'What does 'CrossFit' really mean?'.

To decide if CrossFit is for you, you really need to ask yourself a few questions -

- Do you enjoy training with others or in a team enviroment?

- Would you like to be coached through movements to ensure you are doing them correctly?

- Do you find it differcult to know what to do in the gym?

All movements and workouts are tailored to the person. This is why you here us say CrossFit is for everyone because it is different or adaptered from one person to next. The coaches aim or goal for that workout is the same for everyone.

We also believe that people have different strengths and that you shouldnt be restricted to certain movements or weights. We feel that sometimes you need to try more weight or new movements to keep pushing forward in your fitness journey. As i mentioned before we coach you every step of the way, technique always comes first. How do you know you cant do something unless you try?

So in short, CrossFit is for you ;-)

Come down and give CrossFit a try....


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