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From The Beginning

"Dont compare your beginning to someone else's middle, or your middle to someone else's end. Don't compare the start of your second quarter of life to someone else's third quarter." - Tim Hiller

Olly and I met when I attended one of his group classes. He was super friendly straight out the gate, then the class began.

He explained a deadlift, a power clean and push jerk to some new attendees. With such simple explanations, literally anyone could understand and perform them. He did it all with a smile on his face. When the workout began his smile was still there but the workout showed he had a devilish side, it was HARD. Anyone who has had the pleasure of being coached by, or performing, an 'Olly' workout knows the joy you get when you finish and the satisfaction that it brings.

The next day I attended an 'open gym' session and ran into Olly again. We started chatting and I asked him what his background was and what his goals were. I quickly realised that he had the same drive as me, and that he was going to be extremely successful. It was during this conversation that we arranged to meet for a coffee and it was clear to see that we had to join forces.

We felt that with Ollys vast knowledge in the fitness, nutrition and supplement side, and with my business background, we could build something special.

And so, Fortior Fit was born.

Our vision was clear, to create a fitness facility, to build and grow a tight knit community and to achieve all group and personal fitness goals. We believe in full functional movements performed at a high intensity, more specifically in a group setting.

With a focus around what our athletes want or need. To offer great merchandise and products that will build a brand that people from all walks of life would use.

Our mind set has and will always be if 'they' can do it, why can't we. We will always figure it out, whether its drafting a planning proposal for an industrial unit or learning how to use photoshop to design a Fortior patch.

Our desire to improve will not diminish.


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